Product Review: ColourPop Lippies

ColourPop lipsticks have been a big thing in the makeup world lately. At around $5 to $6 a pop with a great range of colors, I can totally see why. I sampled a few months ago during their Black Friday sale, but this time around, I decided to go HAM on a few full-sized lippies with their $5 off promotion.
Out of all the lipsticks, StingRAYE had the best staying power.
I honestly love the colors I got! They go on beautifully and just look awesome. However, the staying power is practically nonexistent. After a few sips of a drink, reapplication is necessary which for me is new because I don't think I've ever really re-applied lipstick. I'm used to the smudge-proof power of my Anastasia and MAC lipsticks. But at $5 each, I don't mind reapplying and the need for reapplication can also be remedied with a quality lip liner.

According to some sources, a few of these lipsticks are great dupes for the Kylie Lip Kit lipsticks (which is made by the creators of ColourPop). Overall, these lipsticks are a good buy. They go on better than most drugstore lipsticks for a fraction of the cost.
Rating: 7/10