Greetings From: California (Part One)

Inside the heart of Little Tokyo.
Lunch at the famous Daikokuya. Yum! Well worth the trip!
As you can see, they both loved it.
Erin posing in front of one of the many pieces of street art in Downtown LA.
Pies from The Pie Hole Los Angeles.
Their Blubarb pie.
Their "Cereal Killer" pie. Best one for sure!
Downtown looks like NYC.
Even down to the art.
Eternal Sailor Jupiter!
All of the cute mini's!
A Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan cosplay!
More Sailor Moon toys because I have no self-control.
The best cosplay hands down, Eustace Bagge with mask (and a mini Courage!).
Another awesome Sailor Jupiter! Love it!
This statue of Saitama from One-Punch Man is incredible.
Korean BBQ from Quarters in K-Town.
Sad Erin.
Yummy pastries from a nearby bakery in K-Town.
What we decided on.
The beach at Santa Monica.
The Santa Monica Beach Pier.