Words for an Ancestor

A Eulogy for Aubrey Travis Johnson Jr.


Me & My Homegirls: A Playlist


I made a curated playlist for a friend and loved it so much that I decided to turn it into a playlist for Neo Womanism. Check it out below:

A Poem Called “3:37AM”

I have found that my best writings have always come from painful moments in my life. I wrote this late last year in about five minutes, so please forgive any errors as I have not gone back to edit it since. Anyway, I finally sat down and recorded an audio version recently. Written version below and audio version just underneath it:

Revisiting Pushing Daisies

I recently binged on Hannibal and decided to revisit another Bryan Fuller classic: Pushing Daisies. Pushing Daisies lasted two seasons before being cancelled due in part to the 2007-2008 Writers' Strike.

Like Hannibal, Pushing Daisies was visually stunning and had an amazing cast. One of the most important aspects of the show was how colorful everyone and everything was, except for Ned (Lee Pace), who always wore dark colors so that the viewer focused on him.

Found on Instagram: Retro Signs!

I love spotting retro road signs that have held up beautifully and happening upon Instagram accounts dedicated to it. One of my favorite accounts has to be @sign_of_the_time. Take a look at a few of the different signs the account has posted: